Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bike requirements for Kereru bike day

Hi Team,

Here are the things we will be checking about your bike on Thursday ready for bike day next week.

Mrs Lange

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Narritive:Lost in the snow

Lost in the snow:   Image result for 23 degrees and 5 minutes

A few months later we were still searching for our long lost parents. We have been out here for a while and we are very hungry,tired and freezing cold. Our gloves are the only thing protecting our hands from the freezing cold snow.  

“I’m starting to get frostbite” said Hannah
”So am I” said Maddie
We were starting to get very very dizzy, once we knew it we had collapsed on the freezing cold snow.

As we slowly started to wake up, we stood up on our feet and as we stood up we felt the freezing cold snow in between our toes.  We asked ourselves “why are we out in the freezing cold snow?” and how did we get out here?” said Hannah
What are we doing” said Maddie
“yeah I wonder how” replied Hannah.

We had no idea where to go next…
Image result for 23 degrees and 5 minutes
By Kendyl & Lili


Finding Professor Story By Riley

I have been looking for my professor for a while now and I am so tired my clothes are snowy and I have a really bad cold . I start to get a bit dizzy I can't feel my legs and Ahh Ahh Boom I crash down to the ground and I collapse my head hurts and I think I have about billion bruises on my body. Finally I wake up still feeling sore and I wonder where exactly am I… I'm in this nice warm cave next to me there is a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a warm tomato soup and a small spoon. After I take a sip of my hot chocolate and eat my soup I hear footsteps coming closer and closer to me then I see this guy and I jump up and give him a hug… It's my professor after all this time, I have been looking for him his is like a father to him and I don’t care how he found me but as long as he is here ‘’Hey there found you cold on in the snow and I was jumping up and down that you're alive says Professor as we drink more hot chocolate…
This is what I think my professor looks like !!!



  • We use our senses to paint a picture for the reader
  • We provide enough detail so the reader knows what's going on
  • We explain what our characters are thinking and feeling
We provide excitement by using suspense

I felt the blizzard blowing against my face it felt like giant ice cubes, I regret going out since the professor was gone a few more steps and snap i collapsed when i woke up i see rudi the professor he was missing 23 years and 5 months and he's finally found him he was so excited because he was like a father to him he lead me to a cave with a fire he gave him some hot coco and but chicken on the roasting fire for an odd reason the professor put a boulder in front of the cave i thought he closed it for warmth so i went to a back ledge to rest the professor was setting up the dinner he gave me some of the chicken then my head was blank i felt weezy i realized why he put a boulder there it's because he was setting me up he wasn't the professor he was the man on the wanted list in town he was the most wanted man in the world so i just played it out safe i was waiting for the perfect moment until snap i was unconscious i woke up to a large Boom! The professor exploded the boulder with his machinery and knocked out the criminal and we gave him to the police we got 20,000 dollars split and we lived in a cottage in town  

the end

Writer : Kaleb

Idea person : Rudi

Director : ?


Far Cry Primal-Campbell Allan


We were at the American National Museum. We were in the Stone Age section. We walked along and we found an ancient scroll. It was called the beginning of a king. It said:

10,000. BCE.  

He was a Warrior.

He was a king.

He was a killer.

I was sneaking on a high rock with my loyal friend Seja, my brother and my dad. Our mission was to hunt and kill a baby Mammoth. As soon as the baby’s parents were gone, Seja said, “Takaar, countdown”10, 9, 8 , 7 , 6, 5,4 ,3, 2, 1 THROW! We ran at the mammoth, throwing spears, throwing rocks, flaming spears and Distracting it. After about half a minute, it was dead. We dug into it and ate a piece each. After that, we all went for another piece until we heard something walking towards us. Faster and Faster! Closer and Closer! ROOOAAARRR! A Saber tooth tiger jumped over the dead mammoth. The tiger bit my friend, almost killing him, at the same time of pushing me off the cliff. I was falling, hitting the rocks and trees. SMACK! CRACK! BANG! I passed out.  

Half an hour later, I woke up to my dying brother. His final words were, ‘Help. Find the lost Wenja Tribe brothers. They will help.’ He gave me his Wenja Tribe Necklace as he passed away. I cried and cried and decided to leave because I just couldn’t look at my dead brother. I realised I was on a high cliff. I looked down. It was beautiful.

I thought, I should start to find my buddies. I searched and searched for hours with no luck. I was starting to get hungry, so I went out to find and kill a deer for dinner. I found one and killed it. It was as usual, disgusting. But that's all we had. I had a special ability, or you could call it “A super power” What is it? I can use hunting vision to find animals, useful plants and to track someones footprints. .

I did it, and found nothing. Just animals and plants. I walked along for a while until I found something. Footprints! I followed them, finding tigers, mammoths and caves. Meanwhile, I reached a big cave. I lit a fire and warmed my hands, made a club, (with a strong stick, rock and vines and lit it.  I was ready. I followed the cave and swam through lakes. Later, I found light!

I was sneaking over to this lady. “H-hello? I said slowly. “GO AWAY” She said. “Ummm I am part of W-enja Tribe.” I won't hurt you. Only if YOU part of it as well.” I said worried. “I am part of the Wenja” “What is your name?” I interrupted. “I don’t have one. I was born with no name. But that doesn’t matter.

A saber-tooth-tiger ruined our chat by jumping at the lady, biting her, but luckily I managed to save her by getting out my flaming club and hitting it along with the air so it might get scared. My plan half worked. It kept following us, but I still managed to make it not get too close to hurt us. We saw a little gap behind us. We ran through, and surprisingly, the tiger couldn’t fit through! We kept running, and I finally saw ACTUAL Light! Not fire! The Sun! I was free! I could Breathe!

I thought I should go to sleep on my first class bed. A tiger skin. I will wake 10 hours tomorrow.

Image result for far cry primal zombies

I just set him on fire and ran away. I was quite freaked out, but I was glad I was still alive. I thought, I should get another friend. An animal. I was sneaking around. I had a spare piece of bait that I could use to lure in a animal. I threw it, and along came a wolf. I sneaked up to it. It stared at me, walking slowly towards me. I got out another piece of bait, and held it in my hand. The dhole walked towards me, and ate the bait out of my hands! I thought I shout pet it, by patting and feeling the beast's head. Rooooooo! The wolf screeched. Awwwww. I sighed.

I thought, I should ready up and take out an enemy outpost. I gave my dog another piece of bait, and talked to my dog saying get ready for fight. I ran to the enemy outpost. I said, hamadene to my dog, which means ‘Go fight’.  It listened to me, and ran in like crazy! It killed like crazy! Once my dog killed about 5 people, I came in. I performed takedowns, Threw spears, and just went crazy! After about 3 minutes of fighting, the outpost had been secured. Once you have killed all enemies, you have to light the bonfire to claim it for Wenja. I got a letter from that strange girl saying “Well done blah blah blah”.

I saw a killer bee nest far in the distance. I thought I should make a killer-bee grenade. I found a coconut, made a hole in it, wrapped it up with bandage (apart from the hole), filled it with bees and put a pin in. When I want to pull the pin, I do and then throw it at enemies. The bees will swarm out and attack the enemies. It was coming night, and I decided to attack another enemy outpost. I sneaked along, and threw a bee bomb. They killed around 4 people, so said to my dog: Ahmadine. He charged in and destroyed 8 people until he came back to me. I gave him some bait, and wiped out the outpost. I lit the bonfire and claimed it mine.
Image result for petting a dog far cry primalAnother letter from that strange lady saying “Thank You blah blah blah”
After that, I decided to go and help out that girl so I headed to her house. On my way there, I killed a bunch of animals, skinned them and ate some of them as well. As soon as I got there, I saw her sitting down doing nothing. She had a wound from that bloodthirsty saber tooth. “H-hello?” I said in an awkward tone. “Can you go outside to get some Ahfsjcas plant?” She said shivering. “Ok. Only once though.” I said sarcastically.
I ran outside, finding nothing. I slid right down the mountain, scrapping my Butt . It hurt a little, but it was ok. I saw a river in front of me, so I carefully swam through the lake. SNAP!!!! A CROCODILE WAS CHEWING ON MY ARM! I got out my spear and stabbed it. STAB STAB STAB!!!! It was dead. I had to heal myself by getting out leaves with a special type of medicine. Ahhhhhh. I said . I walked up to this strange plant. I used my ability to see if it is useful. It was. It was the right plant I chopped it up and ran back to her house. I gave her the leaves, and she said I had to wipe the leaves on the wound. I did so, and she started screaming in a quiet way. I asked if she needed anything else, and she said she was good for now. I went off,  to get some materials for a DOUBLE BOW!! What I will need is a sharp cutting item, (my club), lots of jbhvlckvjvb wood, (Thin bending wood), a tiger tooth, string of some sort and some arrows. Half an hour later I had all the materials Needed. I got out my jbhvlckvjvb, and started shedding of the skin so it looks like vanilla. Once that is done, I simply just bend it in the shape of a bow. It started looking like a bow but without the string and arrows. Now, I had to get out the tiger tooth and cut two little holes in the ends of the bow to thread the string through. I had nailed the holes in, so now it is time to thread. I wasn’t the best at threading, but got it on the 6th time! I was quite a noob at that, but it was finally done!

I decided to test it out of a unsuspecting deer. 2 Arrows in a row. Aiming….. YES!!!! IT KILLED THE DEER WHEN I WAS AIMING HALF A METRE AWAY! THIS BOW IS THE BOMB!
I went off to kill some enemies with the bow. Yes you already guessed what happened.
Image result for double bow in far cry primal
I thought I should tame a mammoth. But wait. You don't need to tame one. I just need to gain the mammoths trust! I went exploring and HAPPENED to find a mammoth with a bunch of spears to its stomach and some enemies where killing it. I came to the rescue by killing all the bad guys around. The mammoth lay down. I came up to him and pulled out all the arrows and spears. I got some of that leftover healing plant. I put them over the wounds, and took it to the nearest owned outpost. I put it in my room, and it rested there for 2 days. In that time, I fed it, Protected it and just took care of it.  

The mammoth was tamed! It was ready to fight! I borrowed my friends saber tooth tiger, we all went on a high rock, and tried to look as majestic as possible!     

As soon as we had stopped being ‘Models’ we decided to take out yet ANOTHER outpost.       
Image result for far cry primal AWESOME saber tooth tiger mammothMajestic don’t you think? I know. Anyways, OUTPOST TIME! I jumped on my friends saber and I just ran like CRAZY!!!! Later, we arrived. we arrived.

If you want More, There will be a part 2 coming out soon!
-Campbell Allan
_The Duel_

One day Leagon_playz went on Mine craft at 5:30 pm. He was at his base on Factions. In his base, Leagon_playzs had 6 spawners,( 1 cave spider spawner, 3 spider spawners and 2 other spawners). Leagon_playzs was grinding spiders for exp to sell. Then out of nowhere Cyan- is -blue jumped in front of him and said “hey” and then Leagon_playz said “watch out I’m grinding.” “Sorry” said Cyan. Then Cyan said “duel me.” Then Leagon said “OK”.So then Leagon set up the duel and they did the kit envoy (kit envoy is a kit where chests  fall from the sky and give you good gear)

When the duel started Leagon_playz quickly looked for chest.He couldn’t find any but then a chest spawned right in front of him and

he got a God  sword   with lots of good enchants like Rage 6 and Life steel 5. Then he got a bad chest with raw chicken and an emerald and a iron axe. “What! This is a bad chest. Ow! I HATE RAW CHICKEN!”. Then Leagon_playz saw Cyan get a diamond sword that was enchanted like his. “I think he got a god sword. Oh no! “Look I got a God sword” yelled Cyan. Then Leagon_playz opened a

Image result for god boots cosmicpvp

chest and got GOD BOOTS   With Gears 3 and Springs 3 and more good enchants.Then Leagon_playz put them on and then he heard Cyan saying “What! I hate Raw beef!” Then Leagon_playz yelled “Haha” “Shut Up” said Cyan in a annoyed voice. Then Leagon_Playz opened a chest and got a God bow
with good enchants like rage 6 and sniper 5 and many more then he heard Cyan say I got A full set of God amour at that moment Leagon_playz was scared because he had only God boots, sword and a bow he needed to get some more good stuff he needed a helmet, chest plate and leggings. So then Leagon_playz opened 3 more chest and got all the Good pieces he needed and then he was ready for battle so he Told Cyan “hey Cyan are you ready?” Yelled Leagon_playz “Yea I’m ready” Then Leagon_playz ran into battle and got the first hit (he got a 5 hit combo) and then Cyan got a hit on him “Finally” said Leagon_playz “Hey!” said Cyan In a annoyed voice.Then they battled on for another 5 minutes and Then Cyan’s helmet broke and Leagon_playz won the fight as soon as that happened.

“Come on” said Cyan “lol” said Leagon_playz and saw that Cyan disbanded the faction (so he could kill me) and then Cyan started to kill Leagon_playz “STOP!” yelled Leagon_play.Then Leagon_playz killed Cyan and then Cyan spammed in chat saying I HATE YOU and then Leagon_playz messaged him and said “why did you leave the faction?” “I’m Mad!” yelled Cyan and started to kill Leagon_playz again and Then Leagon_playz killed him over and over again till he gave up.

And they never played on that server again until...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Emily and Fourah's video for the 2 tickets to see the WAIKATO TEAM LIVE!!!

Why we like a lot of sport?
Soccer: Because it keeps you fit
Net Ball: Because it is a fun game to play with friends and family
Basket Ball: Because it is fun

Rugby: Because we get to support our nation...
We are so sorry for our muck up..... We got so confused with the video

                                                                   Here is our video....

Rugby Game tickets

I would like to win the tickets because i love to watch rugby with my dad he enjoys rugby and really loves watching it on the television these tickets would mean the world to him and to be there in the stadium that would be amazing he absolutely loves to play rugby on his play station and anytime he can watch the all blacks he will and this rugby game is a really good idea because he can have the thought of having him there watching the rugby and expiring it if i won the tickets me and my dad could go and watch it together some father son time would be great watching it together and if i won these tickets my dad and i would have the time of our lives

Rugby Tickets 2016

Hi my name is Chloe Mesley and ever since I was young my family and me were attracted to the water, but me and my dad mostly, because my dad Pete Mesley is a professional diver and he was the one that got me and Hannah into the water in the first place, and as I've grown so has my love for the water, photo 1 is me boggy boarding at my Uncles bach somewhere up the north Island, that was supper fun because Hannah banged me in the head with her boggy board but we laughed it off. In photo 2, me and dad were enjoying a little snorkel at Goat Island (well dad was, the masks couldn't fit my tiny head!), that was super cold but super fun as well!

And I would love to give my dad and mum those tickets so they can have a nice night shouting at the All Blacks. Thank you.

Rugby tickets

I would like to win these tickets because I love watching rugby union and I would love to watch the rugby game with my dad.If I win these tickets It would mean the world to my dad as he loves rugby.   

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Balloon Powered cars

Wow! What an amazing day you had in room 5 today without me! I'm so jealous, room 5! I can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow!

Thank you so much Mrs Honey and Mrs Kaur!

Mrs Lange

Monday, July 4, 2016


Have you ever gone into a pet store and seen a cute puppy and an adorable cat but couldn't choose?  I’m here to tell you that you should grab that cat!  Why, you ask? There are so many reasons, but since I only have 2 1/2 minutes to speak, here are just a few.
Firstly, cats are much cheaper to keep and more affordable than dogs.  For an average lifetime, it can cost you up to $40,000 to keep a dog as a pet.  A cat kept over the same time will cost less than half that amount.
Next, dogs take much more effort and energy to care for.  Cats keep themselves clean and fit.  They can feed themselves out of biscuit feeders, entertain themselves and generally don’t need much help from people.  Dogs are pretty much the opposite. You have to clean them, exercise them, socialise them with other dogs, train and play with them, and even pick up their “leavings” (if you know what I mean pee yo).
Lets talk more about training.  Cats are easy to handle and don’t need much training at all.  But with dogs, they need a lot of training right from the start.  They need to be taught not to do lots of things that are natural behaviour for them, like biting, jumping up, and digging. They also need to be trained so we can control them, commands like sit, heel, come, give, lie down, stay and no.
Dogs are much more aggressive than cats. I’ll bet most of you have heard news reports, or your

parents talking about dog attacks, where people have been bitten and really badly hurt by dogs.

How many of you have heard reports of terrifying cat attacks? I think not!  The most you’ll get from a cat is a scratch, from a dog, you could get much more badly damaged, in the worst of the worst cases, even killed.

Finally, cats are much easier (and more pleasant smelling) to snuggle with. Cats love to snuggle.  I could go on and on but there just isn’t enough time. Take my advice, unless you’re into bad smells, enjoy lots of extra work and spending all your money, or just want to be a chew toy … forget the dog, I suggest you take the cat.  This is Finn Moffitt, over and out.


Welcome and today I will be telling you why you should play Ark survival Evolved.Ark survival has exploration,action,mild violence and very good graphics.My research shows that in the past 30 days there has been 34,000 people playing online world wide.   

The main objective is if you are playing online is to get lots of dinosaurs and have the biggest house and rule the server.offline the main objective is to tame lots of dinosaurs and explore and if you are playing offline you can create a private server so you and your friends can play together.if you are playing online then you and your friends can play but other people can join you and your friends and they can kill you.

Dinosaurs.first you need to nock it out by using your fist,culb,slingshot,bow,crossbow and a keep the dinosaur asleep you need narco berries or narcotics. secondly all you need to tame a dinosaur and if its a carnivore you need raw meat or raw prime meat and raw prime meat is better than meat but it is harder to need to do this to feed the dinosaur in order to tame it.once it's tamed you need to craft a saddle so you can ride it. fly you need 1 of these mounts like a pteridon,Argentavis or a quetzel if you have one of these then all you need is a saddle then you can start flying.flying is easier to do then riding a animal on ground because on ground its harder because you have got stuff in your way like dinosaurs for example a carnivore might try to kill you and then all of you stuff is gone.That is why it is easier to go on a flying mount.

I hope you now want to play Ark survival evolved but you must have a good laptop or a desktop because like I said the graphics are very good.Thank you for listening to my speech.     

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wednesday hockey disaster! By Chloe Mesley Y6 RM5

Hockey, Shinny, Puck, Ball

Wednesday hockey disaster!

There I was, walking to Mr Munro, to practice some skills on the hockey turf with Brooklyn, Caitlin and Ella behind me. After the skills we moved to a game but we didn’t play with hockey sticks instead we used our hands and rolled it to each other. Brooklyn, Ella and me had to put on the stinky, sweaty bibs and Caitlin was laughing at us. Then the whistle went.

"HERE MR MUNRO!" I screamed across the hockey turf. "MR MUNRO SQUARE!" Mr Munro passed the ball sideways to me where I ran to the ball. “Yes, I got it,” I thought to myself, but without thinking I passed the ball through the non bibs and Johandri slid across the field with the ball. Then I came and tried tackling her. Then I tripped over my hockey stick on to the floor skidding and then face planted. Everybody laughed at me, including Mr Munro. That was my biggest fail ever!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I think cats are much better than dogs because they bathe themselves.Unlike dogs who you need to bathe. Cats also don’t need you to walk them unlike dogs who you need to walk. Also dogs fart in your kitchen and puppy's poop in your house. Cats are better than dogs because they love you.

by Keegan Botting

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New zealand sports

Rugby is a great sport for new zealand because we have won three world cups in a row. Cricket is kinda our sport because we made all the way to the final but the sadly lost.Soccer is not our sport because we never qualifi into the world cup.New zealands hockey team is very good the womens and the mens we must win a lot of hockey so hockey is our sport. Sports that you can imagine new zealand is a great at sport


It was a nice sunny day.I was sitting under the giant tree I was at Devonport beach. It was so damn hot that I had to go into the water so I went to the changing room and changed into my toggs.After changing into my togs I went  into the burning hot water.It was so hot so I stayed in there for 1 mintt then I came out and dryred myslff a tunter storm was comeing so we went back into the car and went back home.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Continuunn By Lucan

 Should Homework   
Be Abolished/Gone?

1st Reason  

I strongly disagree because i am not very good at some subjects so i have to learn the subjects that i am not very good at. For an example i am not very good at maths or spelling and loads more.

2nd Reason 

Also kids can get good scores in test and have a good life when they grow up. For an example i Lucan only have got 37 out of 50 in test feels sad. So do HOMEWORK!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


On Wednesday and Thursday we did technology, Art and drama I did Drama. It was fun because we did a Maori myth and legend and we are working on myth and legend stuff in class we turned it into a play there were 8 of us. is one of the pictures on day one this is us planning.

Day two. In day two I learnt how to finger nit it is really addicting.
In drama that day we were practicing our play it was tough at the start but in he end it was easy this is the picture of us getting ready
When we performed the play the principal came into watch and it was great.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Worst Day Of Her Life By Chloe Mesley

Image result for Girl on a bridge riding a horse fantasy
Worst Day Of Her Life

Alexis was 18 when her whole life fell apart, here is her sad horrible story. Alexis Lived in a small town in west FairVil, home of King George. Alexis had a hard life living with 3 stealing younger brothers. George (was the youngest), Ralf (the middle child) and Jack (the oldest). Having no parents to look after them made it worse. Each day they got into more trouble. A week ago they stole from the veggie garden they got five slaps on the bum with the ruler, then the butcher oh that was worse they had to stay awake all night with no food and water. For their next heist they managed to get a piece of gold from the gold mine, they had to work 3 days straight working in the gold mine. But lucky for Alexis she got to go away a lot considering she had to go to every town selling raw bird, or rabbit, or whatever she had hunted.

One day while Alexis was riding back from her hunting in the woods, while passing the castle, Chase the guard stopped her horse and spoke to her “Lady Alexis I have bad news for you", Alexis looked worried but let him carry on. "Your youngest brother ran out of the castle with gold me and mike tried to stop him when the oldest boy came and killed mike, then the other boy tackled me to the ground, but I managed to kill the two oldest boys but the youngest one got away”. A single tear dripped from Alexis s eye, when a question came to mind. “Where is my younger brother” she asked “he ran away into the woods after his brothers died”.

Alexis thanked Chase, and grabbed the reins of her horse, and galloped off crying to herself "this is the worst day of my life!".


By Chloe Y6 RM5

Sunday, May 22, 2016

We are explaining about what you need to ride a bike and how to ride a bike.

What you need to ride a bike By Riley
Welcome everyone today I will be explaining the things you need to ride a bike. Bikes are super fun
but there are a few things you need before you start riding your bike.

The very first thing you need is a bike. Then you need to make sure it is the correct size that fits you.

Secondly, what you need is a friend or parent to teach you how to ride a bike (Don't hurt yourself).

Next you need to get a helmet or if you already have a helmet that is even better!

Soon you will hopefully know how to ride a bike so now you need to put on some sensible clothing depending on the weather. If it is sunny outside then you can wear shorts and a singlet. If it is cold outside then you will need to wear a warm jumper and some long pants to bike.

Lastly you need to have fun and ride away.


I am explaining about how to ride a bike

First you need a bigger sibling, your parent or a parent guardian, to help teach you how to ride a bike, you will need a adult to hold one of the handlebars and also the back of the seat to help you balance.

After that, if you have been able to get the hang of balancing then you can start learning how to move the pedals. First the adult will hold the bike and you will learn how to pedal. You will need to move your legs down and around, which is how the pedals move which means the bike will start moving, and
that’s how you ride a bike.

By: Lili

My tenth birthday

I had the best birthday party down in Hawke’s Bay. Waking up and jumping out of bed, I was really excited about what I was going to get. I got dressed and jumped into the car and we drove off to my Auntys house. We arrived at my Auntys house dressed up all fancy for the exciting day.

I opened the door and said "hello" to everyone and everyone said "happy birthday" back to me as I walked into my cousin’s bedroom. My cousin asked me if I wanted to open my present from her and I said, "yes please" taking it out of her hands and very quickly ripping the wrapping paper off of the present to find one of my favorite books, written Thea Stilton.

All the guests were meant to start arriving at 1:00pm, it was 11:30am so the guests would arrive in 1 hour and 30 minutes. My Mum was getting the food ready with my Aunty, while my Dad, sister Rubi and I were blowing up the balloons. We were about to hang them up outside. After hanging the balloons up, my Mum put some snacks out and we were allowed to snack on the food while we waited for the guests to arrive. The guests started to arrive. One by one they came in through the door.

Everyone said "happy birthday" to me and I said "hello" back. Everyone came outside because it was a beautiful sunny day. While the adults were having something to eat and drink my Dad helped us play some games. First we played pass the parcel. My sister Rubi won. Then my friend Nadia and last my cousin Jai won a round. The next game we played was musical chairs. I won, then my sister Rubi won again and lucky last my friend Nadia. Since my other friend Layla didn’t win we gave her a present with a few lollies inside.

While I was wrapping the present for Layla, it was time to open my birthday presents from everyone. When I was opening the presents, my cousins walked in and gave me my present, I got spoiled. I got a Samsung tablet with a case from my sister, Mum and Dad. They also gave me 2 candles. The scents were vanilla and grapefruit. The last present from my family was a bake set. While I was opening it, the funniest thing happened. My sister Rubi was covering the paper on the front and it said "Happy birthday. We have to share this present". Everyone there started laughing and my Aunty said "ripped off ".

After opening all my presents, my Mum walked out with an amazing chocolate cake with 10 candles lit on top while everyone sang me “Happy Birthday”. When they finished singing, I made a wish and blew out the candles then I cut everyone a slice of cake. It was delicious and it was covered in lollies on top.

After the cake we just played around until everybody decided to go home. I had such a great birthday with delicious food and heaps of fun games. I can’t wait till my birthday next year.