Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Welcome to Room 5

Dear Students and families,

I'm so looking forward to meeting you all next week and getting started as the new room 5.

My name is Mrs Rebecca Lange and I will be your teacher this year. You can find out all about me in the 'Introducing Mrs Lange' tab.

We are a class of Year 6 students this year.

The start of a new year is a funny time and if you are wondering a little about what the class might be like, who you will sit next to, who you might be friends with if your best buddy will be in a different class... don't worry...I'm going to let you in on a secret!

Teachers have questions and wonderings too!

My wonderings are...what kind of a class will we be? Will we be the type of class who can share a joke and have a lot of fun together, will we be a sporty class, a musical class, will we get along most of the time and help each other learn, will we be the type of class who sticks together and pulls one another through when times are tough and we need to be tougher.

I hope we will be all of those things and more.

The biggest thing I hope you learn this year is to be you. You are amazing and it will take each and every one of us to create our learning community in room 5. One person can only have so many experiences. One person can only know so much through those experiences, by themselves... but if you are willing to share what you know, and who you are, then we can work together and suddenly we can learn so much more.

I feel very strongly that learning is social and so I think of our class as a learning community. We learn from each other, we learn with each other... however being part of a learning community has it's responsibility too. We need to respect the right we all have to learn and recognise that our actions can help our friends learn, or stop them learning as effectively - if our actions are preventing others from their right to learn then our actions have got to change. In the same way if we keep what we know to ourselves and don't participate and give our best, then the rest of the community misses out on what we could have brought to the party.

I will post more about our routines and how our class operates in the coming weeks as a start and then you will find this blog filled with many voices as the rest of room 5 come on board.

See you soon, Room 5

Mrs Lange


  1. Room 5 are very lucky to have such a fab teacher! Ms Fothergill

  2. Room 5 are very lucky to have such a fab teacher! Ms Fothergill

  3. Thanks! I'm lucky to have such a fab new class! Exciting times ahead!