Saturday, February 20, 2016

I am Riley and everyday I do something very important at school along with a team of 4 other people we look after the  ICT needs of the school.  
ICT means - Internet,Communication,Technology.
Every morning at 8:30 am we go into the library and see which electronics are going the classrooms.We have Ipads,Ipods,Macbook airs and chromebooks.  All of these electronics can go to any class in the school but first the teacher has to book the electronics they want,and how many they want on the ICT calendar.

Doing ICT is fun and is a great opaturnete hopefully one day I get to teach other people how to do ICT

These are the IpodsIMG_0482.JPG


  1. A great introduction Riley and you are a fantastic ICT monitor. I hope Miss Tait gets to read this post at some stage.