Monday, April 11, 2016

What you need to ride a bike By Riley

I am are explaining about what you need to ride a bike.

What you need to ride a bike By Riley
Welcome everyone today I will be explaining the things you need to ride a bike. Bikes are super fun
but there are a few things you need before you riding your bike.

The very first thing you need is a bike,you need a bike that is the colour you like and it is the correct size that fits you.

Secondly, what you need is a friend or parent to teach you how to ride a bike (Don't hurt yourself).

Next you need to get a helmet or if you already have a helmet that is even better!

After that you need to get a pocket if you want to you can get pocket to go at the back of your seat to put things you need in there.

Soon you will hopefully know how to ride a bike so now you need to put on some sensible clothing depending on the weather. If it is sunny outside then you can wear shorts and a singlet. If it is cold outside then you will need to wear a warm jumper and some long pants to bike.

Lastly you need to have fun and ride away.


Statistical investigation

This is my statistical investigation hope you enjoy

minecraft writeting (my expalntion)

Do you know why you  Should PlayMinecraft Is To Do Anything You Wanted To Always Experience In Your Life Probably Like Flying,Fighting, And Much More.

If you  Have To Spend 30$ For It. Minecraft Is Probably One Of the best games. And You Will Have Lots To Experience

Like Fighting,Mining,PVP With Friends,Build Anything in your imagination Wanted To Build. And Kill Bosses Like The Ender Dragon And The Wither Boss.And heaps of people play it on youtube he is one of the links

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

my narative

There once was a boy called Bean Head because he always ate beans, beans for breakfast, beans for morning tea, beans for lunch and also beans for dinner. Baen Head was a stinky little boy but he was always full of mischief and very sneaky but still had a good sence of humour.

One day while Bean head was walking to school, Bean Head’s worst enemy called Edodo ran up to Bean Head and gave him a slap in the head.  Just because of that, when Bean head arrived at school he Went into class with a plan.  He took a jar of jam out of his bag, put it on top of the tote tray shelf and made a spring lode bomb in Edodo's tote tray.  After he opened up the jar of jam and glued it on to the spring load bomb.  20 Minutes later, Edodo walked into class and opened his tote tray.  Jam shot up into Edodo’s face like a rocket!!  Bean head started laughing but Edodo didn’t think it was funny.  Edodo's face got bright red and full of anger!  Bean Head ran away.  The day after that bean head never had to worry about Edodo again.

A few day’s later while Bean Head was walking to school the secret agent spy team kidnaped Bean Head and took him to their secret lab, the spy team asked if Bean Head wanted to help them out on a mission, he got so excited that a minute later he blew up like a bomb,  “um ok, what should we do know, I don’t know” the secret agent spy said sounding depressed…
The End!!! Story written By Danie

Monday, April 4, 2016


Once upon a time there was 3 people called Rayhaan and Ali and Blessing they were very handsome Rayhaan was the best one and Blessing was the cool one and Ali was the strongest in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Save the world from big baby wawa  went the alarm so B.A.R Blessing ALi Rayhaan went inside AL the spaceship so
B.A.R took the biggest milk bottle and they had to have Ali to lift up the milk bottle and throw  it into the baby's mouth. the baby started to shrink and it became a normal baby and B.A.Rs job was done.


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