Sunday, May 22, 2016

My tenth birthday

I had the best birthday party down in Hawke’s Bay. Waking up and jumping out of bed, I was really excited about what I was going to get. I got dressed and jumped into the car and we drove off to my Auntys house. We arrived at my Auntys house dressed up all fancy for the exciting day.

I opened the door and said "hello" to everyone and everyone said "happy birthday" back to me as I walked into my cousin’s bedroom. My cousin asked me if I wanted to open my present from her and I said, "yes please" taking it out of her hands and very quickly ripping the wrapping paper off of the present to find one of my favorite books, written Thea Stilton.

All the guests were meant to start arriving at 1:00pm, it was 11:30am so the guests would arrive in 1 hour and 30 minutes. My Mum was getting the food ready with my Aunty, while my Dad, sister Rubi and I were blowing up the balloons. We were about to hang them up outside. After hanging the balloons up, my Mum put some snacks out and we were allowed to snack on the food while we waited for the guests to arrive. The guests started to arrive. One by one they came in through the door.

Everyone said "happy birthday" to me and I said "hello" back. Everyone came outside because it was a beautiful sunny day. While the adults were having something to eat and drink my Dad helped us play some games. First we played pass the parcel. My sister Rubi won. Then my friend Nadia and last my cousin Jai won a round. The next game we played was musical chairs. I won, then my sister Rubi won again and lucky last my friend Nadia. Since my other friend Layla didn’t win we gave her a present with a few lollies inside.

While I was wrapping the present for Layla, it was time to open my birthday presents from everyone. When I was opening the presents, my cousins walked in and gave me my present, I got spoiled. I got a Samsung tablet with a case from my sister, Mum and Dad. They also gave me 2 candles. The scents were vanilla and grapefruit. The last present from my family was a bake set. While I was opening it, the funniest thing happened. My sister Rubi was covering the paper on the front and it said "Happy birthday. We have to share this present". Everyone there started laughing and my Aunty said "ripped off ".

After opening all my presents, my Mum walked out with an amazing chocolate cake with 10 candles lit on top while everyone sang me “Happy Birthday”. When they finished singing, I made a wish and blew out the candles then I cut everyone a slice of cake. It was delicious and it was covered in lollies on top.

After the cake we just played around until everybody decided to go home. I had such a great birthday with delicious food and heaps of fun games. I can’t wait till my birthday next year.


  1. cool story Lili

  2. Wow! This is an amazing recount. Looks like you had a fabulous birthday. You have done a great job editing too!