Monday, May 30, 2016

Worst Day Of Her Life By Chloe Mesley

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Worst Day Of Her Life

Alexis was 18 when her whole life fell apart, here is her sad horrible story. Alexis Lived in a small town in west FairVil, home of King George. Alexis had a hard life living with 3 stealing younger brothers. George (was the youngest), Ralf (the middle child) and Jack (the oldest). Having no parents to look after them made it worse. Each day they got into more trouble. A week ago they stole from the veggie garden they got five slaps on the bum with the ruler, then the butcher oh that was worse they had to stay awake all night with no food and water. For their next heist they managed to get a piece of gold from the gold mine, they had to work 3 days straight working in the gold mine. But lucky for Alexis she got to go away a lot considering she had to go to every town selling raw bird, or rabbit, or whatever she had hunted.

One day while Alexis was riding back from her hunting in the woods, while passing the castle, Chase the guard stopped her horse and spoke to her “Lady Alexis I have bad news for you", Alexis looked worried but let him carry on. "Your youngest brother ran out of the castle with gold me and mike tried to stop him when the oldest boy came and killed mike, then the other boy tackled me to the ground, but I managed to kill the two oldest boys but the youngest one got away”. A single tear dripped from Alexis s eye, when a question came to mind. “Where is my younger brother” she asked “he ran away into the woods after his brothers died”.

Alexis thanked Chase, and grabbed the reins of her horse, and galloped off crying to herself "this is the worst day of my life!".


By Chloe Y6 RM5

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