Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wednesday hockey disaster! By Chloe Mesley Y6 RM5

Hockey, Shinny, Puck, Ball

Wednesday hockey disaster!

There I was, walking to Mr Munro, to practice some skills on the hockey turf with Brooklyn, Caitlin and Ella behind me. After the skills we moved to a game but we didn’t play with hockey sticks instead we used our hands and rolled it to each other. Brooklyn, Ella and me had to put on the stinky, sweaty bibs and Caitlin was laughing at us. Then the whistle went.

"HERE MR MUNRO!" I screamed across the hockey turf. "MR MUNRO SQUARE!" Mr Munro passed the ball sideways to me where I ran to the ball. “Yes, I got it,” I thought to myself, but without thinking I passed the ball through the non bibs and Johandri slid across the field with the ball. Then I came and tried tackling her. Then I tripped over my hockey stick on to the floor skidding and then face planted. Everybody laughed at me, including Mr Munro. That was my biggest fail ever!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I think cats are much better than dogs because they bathe themselves.Unlike dogs who you need to bathe. Cats also don’t need you to walk them unlike dogs who you need to walk. Also dogs fart in your kitchen and puppy's poop in your house. Cats are better than dogs because they love you.

by Keegan Botting

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New zealand sports

Rugby is a great sport for new zealand because we have won three world cups in a row. Cricket is kinda our sport because we made all the way to the final but the sadly lost.Soccer is not our sport because we never qualifi into the world cup.New zealands hockey team is very good the womens and the mens we must win a lot of hockey so hockey is our sport. Sports that you can imagine new zealand is a great at sport


It was a nice sunny day.I was sitting under the giant tree I was at Devonport beach. It was so damn hot that I had to go into the water so I went to the changing room and changed into my toggs.After changing into my togs I went  into the burning hot water.It was so hot so I stayed in there for 1 mintt then I came out and dryred myslff a tunter storm was comeing so we went back into the car and went back home.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Continuunn By Lucan

 Should Homework   
Be Abolished/Gone?

1st Reason  

I strongly disagree because i am not very good at some subjects so i have to learn the subjects that i am not very good at. For an example i am not very good at maths or spelling and loads more.

2nd Reason 

Also kids can get good scores in test and have a good life when they grow up. For an example i Lucan only have got 37 out of 50 in test feels sad. So do HOMEWORK!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


On Wednesday and Thursday we did technology, Art and drama I did Drama. It was fun because we did a Maori myth and legend and we are working on myth and legend stuff in class we turned it into a play there were 8 of us. is one of the pictures on day one this is us planning.

Day two. In day two I learnt how to finger nit it is really addicting.
In drama that day we were practicing our play it was tough at the start but in he end it was easy this is the picture of us getting ready
When we performed the play the principal came into watch and it was great.