Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wednesday hockey disaster! By Chloe Mesley Y6 RM5

Hockey, Shinny, Puck, Ball

Wednesday hockey disaster!

There I was, walking to Mr Munro, to practice some skills on the hockey turf with Brooklyn, Caitlin and Ella behind me. After the skills we moved to a game but we didn’t play with hockey sticks instead we used our hands and rolled it to each other. Brooklyn, Ella and me had to put on the stinky, sweaty bibs and Caitlin was laughing at us. Then the whistle went.

"HERE MR MUNRO!" I screamed across the hockey turf. "MR MUNRO SQUARE!" Mr Munro passed the ball sideways to me where I ran to the ball. “Yes, I got it,” I thought to myself, but without thinking I passed the ball through the non bibs and Johandri slid across the field with the ball. Then I came and tried tackling her. Then I tripped over my hockey stick on to the floor skidding and then face planted. Everybody laughed at me, including Mr Munro. That was my biggest fail ever!

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