Monday, July 4, 2016


Have you ever gone into a pet store and seen a cute puppy and an adorable cat but couldn't choose?  I’m here to tell you that you should grab that cat!  Why, you ask? There are so many reasons, but since I only have 2 1/2 minutes to speak, here are just a few.
Firstly, cats are much cheaper to keep and more affordable than dogs.  For an average lifetime, it can cost you up to $40,000 to keep a dog as a pet.  A cat kept over the same time will cost less than half that amount.
Next, dogs take much more effort and energy to care for.  Cats keep themselves clean and fit.  They can feed themselves out of biscuit feeders, entertain themselves and generally don’t need much help from people.  Dogs are pretty much the opposite. You have to clean them, exercise them, socialise them with other dogs, train and play with them, and even pick up their “leavings” (if you know what I mean pee yo).
Lets talk more about training.  Cats are easy to handle and don’t need much training at all.  But with dogs, they need a lot of training right from the start.  They need to be taught not to do lots of things that are natural behaviour for them, like biting, jumping up, and digging. They also need to be trained so we can control them, commands like sit, heel, come, give, lie down, stay and no.
Dogs are much more aggressive than cats. I’ll bet most of you have heard news reports, or your

parents talking about dog attacks, where people have been bitten and really badly hurt by dogs.

How many of you have heard reports of terrifying cat attacks? I think not!  The most you’ll get from a cat is a scratch, from a dog, you could get much more badly damaged, in the worst of the worst cases, even killed.

Finally, cats are much easier (and more pleasant smelling) to snuggle with. Cats love to snuggle.  I could go on and on but there just isn’t enough time. Take my advice, unless you’re into bad smells, enjoy lots of extra work and spending all your money, or just want to be a chew toy … forget the dog, I suggest you take the cat.  This is Finn Moffitt, over and out.


Welcome and today I will be telling you why you should play Ark survival Evolved.Ark survival has exploration,action,mild violence and very good graphics.My research shows that in the past 30 days there has been 34,000 people playing online world wide.   

The main objective is if you are playing online is to get lots of dinosaurs and have the biggest house and rule the server.offline the main objective is to tame lots of dinosaurs and explore and if you are playing offline you can create a private server so you and your friends can play together.if you are playing online then you and your friends can play but other people can join you and your friends and they can kill you.

Dinosaurs.first you need to nock it out by using your fist,culb,slingshot,bow,crossbow and a keep the dinosaur asleep you need narco berries or narcotics. secondly all you need to tame a dinosaur and if its a carnivore you need raw meat or raw prime meat and raw prime meat is better than meat but it is harder to need to do this to feed the dinosaur in order to tame it.once it's tamed you need to craft a saddle so you can ride it. fly you need 1 of these mounts like a pteridon,Argentavis or a quetzel if you have one of these then all you need is a saddle then you can start flying.flying is easier to do then riding a animal on ground because on ground its harder because you have got stuff in your way like dinosaurs for example a carnivore might try to kill you and then all of you stuff is gone.That is why it is easier to go on a flying mount.

I hope you now want to play Ark survival evolved but you must have a good laptop or a desktop because like I said the graphics are very good.Thank you for listening to my speech.