Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rugby Tickets 2016

Hi my name is Chloe Mesley and ever since I was young my family and me were attracted to the water, but me and my dad mostly, because my dad Pete Mesley is a professional diver and he was the one that got me and Hannah into the water in the first place, and as I've grown so has my love for the water, photo 1 is me boggy boarding at my Uncles bach somewhere up the north Island, that was supper fun because Hannah banged me in the head with her boggy board but we laughed it off. In photo 2, me and dad were enjoying a little snorkel at Goat Island (well dad was, the masks couldn't fit my tiny head!), that was super cold but super fun as well!

And I would love to give my dad and mum those tickets so they can have a nice night shouting at the All Blacks. Thank you.

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