Tuesday, November 22, 2016



  • We use our senses to paint a picture for the reader
  • We provide enough detail so the reader knows what's going on
  • We explain what our characters are thinking and feeling
We provide excitement by using suspense

I felt the blizzard blowing against my face it felt like giant ice cubes, I regret going out since the professor was gone a few more steps and snap i collapsed when i woke up i see rudi the professor he was missing 23 years and 5 months and he's finally found him he was so excited because he was like a father to him he lead me to a cave with a fire he gave him some hot coco and but chicken on the roasting fire for an odd reason the professor put a boulder in front of the cave i thought he closed it for warmth so i went to a back ledge to rest the professor was setting up the dinner he gave me some of the chicken then my head was blank i felt weezy i realized why he put a boulder there it's because he was setting me up he wasn't the professor he was the man on the wanted list in town he was the most wanted man in the world so i just played it out safe i was waiting for the perfect moment until snap i was unconscious i woke up to a large Boom! The professor exploded the boulder with his machinery and knocked out the criminal and we gave him to the police we got 20,000 dollars split and we lived in a cottage in town  

the end

Writer : Kaleb

Idea person : Rudi

Director : ?


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