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Far Cry Primal-Campbell Allan


We were at the American National Museum. We were in the Stone Age section. We walked along and we found an ancient scroll. It was called the beginning of a king. It said:

10,000. BCE.  

He was a Warrior.

He was a king.

He was a killer.

I was sneaking on a high rock with my loyal friend Seja, my brother and my dad. Our mission was to hunt and kill a baby Mammoth. As soon as the baby’s parents were gone, Seja said, “Takaar, countdown”10, 9, 8 , 7 , 6, 5,4 ,3, 2, 1 THROW! We ran at the mammoth, throwing spears, throwing rocks, flaming spears and Distracting it. After about half a minute, it was dead. We dug into it and ate a piece each. After that, we all went for another piece until we heard something walking towards us. Faster and Faster! Closer and Closer! ROOOAAARRR! A Saber tooth tiger jumped over the dead mammoth. The tiger bit my friend, almost killing him, at the same time of pushing me off the cliff. I was falling, hitting the rocks and trees. SMACK! CRACK! BANG! I passed out.  

Half an hour later, I woke up to my dying brother. His final words were, ‘Help. Find the lost Wenja Tribe brothers. They will help.’ He gave me his Wenja Tribe Necklace as he passed away. I cried and cried and decided to leave because I just couldn’t look at my dead brother. I realised I was on a high cliff. I looked down. It was beautiful.

I thought, I should start to find my buddies. I searched and searched for hours with no luck. I was starting to get hungry, so I went out to find and kill a deer for dinner. I found one and killed it. It was as usual, disgusting. But that's all we had. I had a special ability, or you could call it “A super power” What is it? I can use hunting vision to find animals, useful plants and to track someones footprints. .

I did it, and found nothing. Just animals and plants. I walked along for a while until I found something. Footprints! I followed them, finding tigers, mammoths and caves. Meanwhile, I reached a big cave. I lit a fire and warmed my hands, made a club, (with a strong stick, rock and vines and lit it.  I was ready. I followed the cave and swam through lakes. Later, I found light!

I was sneaking over to this lady. “H-hello? I said slowly. “GO AWAY” She said. “Ummm I am part of W-enja Tribe.” I won't hurt you. Only if YOU part of it as well.” I said worried. “I am part of the Wenja” “What is your name?” I interrupted. “I don’t have one. I was born with no name. But that doesn’t matter.

A saber-tooth-tiger ruined our chat by jumping at the lady, biting her, but luckily I managed to save her by getting out my flaming club and hitting it along with the air so it might get scared. My plan half worked. It kept following us, but I still managed to make it not get too close to hurt us. We saw a little gap behind us. We ran through, and surprisingly, the tiger couldn’t fit through! We kept running, and I finally saw ACTUAL Light! Not fire! The Sun! I was free! I could Breathe!

I thought I should go to sleep on my first class bed. A tiger skin. I will wake 10 hours tomorrow.

Image result for far cry primal zombies

I just set him on fire and ran away. I was quite freaked out, but I was glad I was still alive. I thought, I should get another friend. An animal. I was sneaking around. I had a spare piece of bait that I could use to lure in a animal. I threw it, and along came a wolf. I sneaked up to it. It stared at me, walking slowly towards me. I got out another piece of bait, and held it in my hand. The dhole walked towards me, and ate the bait out of my hands! I thought I shout pet it, by patting and feeling the beast's head. Rooooooo! The wolf screeched. Awwwww. I sighed.

I thought, I should ready up and take out an enemy outpost. I gave my dog another piece of bait, and talked to my dog saying get ready for fight. I ran to the enemy outpost. I said, hamadene to my dog, which means ‘Go fight’.  It listened to me, and ran in like crazy! It killed like crazy! Once my dog killed about 5 people, I came in. I performed takedowns, Threw spears, and just went crazy! After about 3 minutes of fighting, the outpost had been secured. Once you have killed all enemies, you have to light the bonfire to claim it for Wenja. I got a letter from that strange girl saying “Well done blah blah blah”.

I saw a killer bee nest far in the distance. I thought I should make a killer-bee grenade. I found a coconut, made a hole in it, wrapped it up with bandage (apart from the hole), filled it with bees and put a pin in. When I want to pull the pin, I do and then throw it at enemies. The bees will swarm out and attack the enemies. It was coming night, and I decided to attack another enemy outpost. I sneaked along, and threw a bee bomb. They killed around 4 people, so said to my dog: Ahmadine. He charged in and destroyed 8 people until he came back to me. I gave him some bait, and wiped out the outpost. I lit the bonfire and claimed it mine.
Image result for petting a dog far cry primalAnother letter from that strange lady saying “Thank You blah blah blah”
After that, I decided to go and help out that girl so I headed to her house. On my way there, I killed a bunch of animals, skinned them and ate some of them as well. As soon as I got there, I saw her sitting down doing nothing. She had a wound from that bloodthirsty saber tooth. “H-hello?” I said in an awkward tone. “Can you go outside to get some Ahfsjcas plant?” She said shivering. “Ok. Only once though.” I said sarcastically.
I ran outside, finding nothing. I slid right down the mountain, scrapping my Butt . It hurt a little, but it was ok. I saw a river in front of me, so I carefully swam through the lake. SNAP!!!! A CROCODILE WAS CHEWING ON MY ARM! I got out my spear and stabbed it. STAB STAB STAB!!!! It was dead. I had to heal myself by getting out leaves with a special type of medicine. Ahhhhhh. I said . I walked up to this strange plant. I used my ability to see if it is useful. It was. It was the right plant I chopped it up and ran back to her house. I gave her the leaves, and she said I had to wipe the leaves on the wound. I did so, and she started screaming in a quiet way. I asked if she needed anything else, and she said she was good for now. I went off,  to get some materials for a DOUBLE BOW!! What I will need is a sharp cutting item, (my club), lots of jbhvlckvjvb wood, (Thin bending wood), a tiger tooth, string of some sort and some arrows. Half an hour later I had all the materials Needed. I got out my jbhvlckvjvb, and started shedding of the skin so it looks like vanilla. Once that is done, I simply just bend it in the shape of a bow. It started looking like a bow but without the string and arrows. Now, I had to get out the tiger tooth and cut two little holes in the ends of the bow to thread the string through. I had nailed the holes in, so now it is time to thread. I wasn’t the best at threading, but got it on the 6th time! I was quite a noob at that, but it was finally done!

I decided to test it out of a unsuspecting deer. 2 Arrows in a row. Aiming….. YES!!!! IT KILLED THE DEER WHEN I WAS AIMING HALF A METRE AWAY! THIS BOW IS THE BOMB!
I went off to kill some enemies with the bow. Yes you already guessed what happened.
Image result for double bow in far cry primal
I thought I should tame a mammoth. But wait. You don't need to tame one. I just need to gain the mammoths trust! I went exploring and HAPPENED to find a mammoth with a bunch of spears to its stomach and some enemies where killing it. I came to the rescue by killing all the bad guys around. The mammoth lay down. I came up to him and pulled out all the arrows and spears. I got some of that leftover healing plant. I put them over the wounds, and took it to the nearest owned outpost. I put it in my room, and it rested there for 2 days. In that time, I fed it, Protected it and just took care of it.  

The mammoth was tamed! It was ready to fight! I borrowed my friends saber tooth tiger, we all went on a high rock, and tried to look as majestic as possible!     

As soon as we had stopped being ‘Models’ we decided to take out yet ANOTHER outpost.       
Image result for far cry primal AWESOME saber tooth tiger mammothMajestic don’t you think? I know. Anyways, OUTPOST TIME! I jumped on my friends saber and I just ran like CRAZY!!!! Later, we arrived. we arrived.

If you want More, There will be a part 2 coming out soon!
-Campbell Allan


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