Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Narritive:Lost in the snow

Lost in the snow:   Image result for 23 degrees and 5 minutes

A few months later we were still searching for our long lost parents. We have been out here for a while and we are very hungry,tired and freezing cold. Our gloves are the only thing protecting our hands from the freezing cold snow.  

“I’m starting to get frostbite” said Hannah
”So am I” said Maddie
We were starting to get very very dizzy, once we knew it we had collapsed on the freezing cold snow.

As we slowly started to wake up, we stood up on our feet and as we stood up we felt the freezing cold snow in between our toes.  We asked ourselves “why are we out in the freezing cold snow?” and how did we get out here?” said Hannah
What are we doing” said Maddie
“yeah I wonder how” replied Hannah.

We had no idea where to go next…
Image result for 23 degrees and 5 minutes
By Kendyl & Lili