Tuesday, November 22, 2016

_The Duel_

One day Leagon_playz went on Mine craft at 5:30 pm. He was at his base on Factions. In his base, Leagon_playzs had 6 spawners,( 1 cave spider spawner, 3 spider spawners and 2 other spawners). Leagon_playzs was grinding spiders for exp to sell. Then out of nowhere Cyan- is -blue jumped in front of him and said “hey” and then Leagon_playz said “watch out I’m grinding.” “Sorry” said Cyan. Then Cyan said “duel me.” Then Leagon said “OK”.So then Leagon set up the duel and they did the kit envoy (kit envoy is a kit where chests  fall from the sky and give you good gear)

When the duel started Leagon_playz quickly looked for chest.He couldn’t find any but then a chest spawned right in front of him and

he got a God  sword   with lots of good enchants like Rage 6 and Life steel 5. Then he got a bad chest with raw chicken and an emerald and a iron axe. “What! This is a bad chest. Ow! I HATE RAW CHICKEN!”. Then Leagon_playz saw Cyan get a diamond sword that was enchanted like his. “I think he got a god sword. Oh no! “Look I got a God sword” yelled Cyan. Then Leagon_playz opened a

Image result for god boots cosmicpvp

chest and got GOD BOOTS   With Gears 3 and Springs 3 and more good enchants.Then Leagon_playz put them on and then he heard Cyan saying “What! I hate Raw beef!” Then Leagon_playz yelled “Haha” “Shut Up” said Cyan in a annoyed voice. Then Leagon_Playz opened a chest and got a God bow
with good enchants like rage 6 and sniper 5 and many more then he heard Cyan say I got A full set of God amour at that moment Leagon_playz was scared because he had only God boots, sword and a bow he needed to get some more good stuff he needed a helmet, chest plate and leggings. So then Leagon_playz opened 3 more chest and got all the Good pieces he needed and then he was ready for battle so he Told Cyan “hey Cyan are you ready?” Yelled Leagon_playz “Yea I’m ready” Then Leagon_playz ran into battle and got the first hit (he got a 5 hit combo) and then Cyan got a hit on him “Finally” said Leagon_playz “Hey!” said Cyan In a annoyed voice.Then they battled on for another 5 minutes and Then Cyan’s helmet broke and Leagon_playz won the fight as soon as that happened.

“Come on” said Cyan “lol” said Leagon_playz and saw that Cyan disbanded the faction (so he could kill me) and then Cyan started to kill Leagon_playz “STOP!” yelled Leagon_play.Then Leagon_playz killed Cyan and then Cyan spammed in chat saying I HATE YOU and then Leagon_playz messaged him and said “why did you leave the faction?” “I’m Mad!” yelled Cyan and started to kill Leagon_playz again and Then Leagon_playz killed him over and over again till he gave up.

And they never played on that server again until...

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