Student work

I am Finn.
I am jokey.
I am a great reader.
I am a good climber.
I am a video game player.
I am sometimes annoying.
I am not a big fan of dogs.
I am definitely a cat person.
I am not a big fan of being ignored.
I am interested in being a games designer.
I am also thinking about becoming a chef.
I am one of those people that get angry easily.
I am doing jujitsu every Tuesday and Thursday.
I am a son to the best Mum in the world.
I am also the son of a great Dad.
I am a great little brother.
I am a good friend.

I am Finn.


  1. What a fantastic piece of writing, Finn! I learned some stuff about you that I didn't knw! Ms F :)

  2. wow Finn I love how some of this rimes and it is shapped as a alien nice work.